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¤°º•–¤The Cerulean Ones¤–•º°¤

those that fit the color and/or mood.

¤°º•–¤The Cerulean Ones¤–•º°
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All Members , Moderated

A community for those that make and enjoy blue and/or darker themed graphics.
Buttons, icons, bases, layouts, blinkies, wallpapers... anything goes.
Also all L. K. Hamilton fans are welcomed and encouraged to stay.

1. Don't steal graphics.
2. Credit isn't REQUIRED, but be respectful if someone asks for it, then please give it.
3. Use LJ-cut if you have more than 3 icons
4. Use LJ-cut if you're posting wallpaper size graphics or use thumbnails.
5. Use LJ-cut on any 'color bar' type graphics, or large graphics.
6. You may advertise your site/community but please use this wisely, and you must have at least one on topic/themed graphic in the post.
7. You may post anything related to blue the color, the mood, or LKH related topics.
8. Anything obsurd will be deleted. Once again, know your limit.
9. This is a NO DRAMA tolerated community. Please always be respectful to each other :)



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Cerulean Ones

Owner/Moderator: crushedviolets

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